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Regional strategy planning + Landscape Architecture + Themed Entertainment Planning


“I was born and raised in a small town surrounded by beautiful winding hills in the eastern region of China. I dreamed of exploring the world, completing my education, and having a family. I stumbled across the field of landscape architecture that allowed me to fulfill my dreams. Over ten years ago, I made my solo trip to California with two large suitcases and began my educational journey at the University of Southern California (USC). I live in Orange County with my husband and a lovely daughter. Professionally I am a multi-form designer working on different genres of projects. I believe in the strength of collaboration and Designodal provides me the platform to collaborate with like-minded designers.”



Ada has 10+years’ experience in urban planning, landscape architecture, and themed entertainment planning and design projects. She has worked solo as well as with multi-disciplinary teams. She started with Landscape Architecture in college and also holds Master Degrees in both Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture + Urbanism from the University of Southern California (USC). Through the years of her practice, she has worked with developers, government organizations, private and corporate clients on various projects ranging from public parks, private gardens, residential communities, commercial, mixed-use development, township development, tourism destinations, hospitality, and entertainment development to municipal transportation projects. She is very adept at utilizing limited space and budget to maximize the design purpose.



Regional strategy planning, landscape planning, and design through schematic and design development phase, themed conceptual planning, and architectural design.

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