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Environmental Art and Public Art

We often forget that we are nature.
- Andy Goldsworthy

Art is a form of interpretation of nature. Landscape design and environmental installation art can create a unique physical space and an emotional journey into real and imaginary worlds. Successful environmental and public art projects create a positive impact on civic and social engagement, enhancing a sense of ownership and property values surrounding such outdoor public environments. We strive to enhance the quality of public life and the environment in at-risk places while preserving the best of their unique character and integrity.


Our team recognizes the power of art as a key foundation for great conceptual design. We interpret stories into physical spaces using landscape design and public art as our creative tools and guiding principles. We aim to work in harmony with nature, and the people inhabiting it. Our team works closely with clients and communities to help visualize their desired narratives and propose beautiful solutions that embody shared values for place-making, sensory pleasure, discovery, and transformation. Collaborator: deZign sKape, LLC 


  • Landscape Concept Art Visualization

  • Environmental Art & Public Art

  • Interactive Outdoor Spaces



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