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Exhibit Design and Event Venues

Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design. 
- Charles Eames

We design to connect people to the place by creating an environment that is immersive and interactive. The industrial design team provides custom design product ideas for outdoor spaces and venues based on the project requirements and the client’s needs. We assist in creating the vision, and brand identity, and conceptualizing the design idea using a state-of-the-art visualization tool.


The multi-disciplinary team works with lighting and media consultants to create an interactive space for daytime and nighttime use. We use technology as a medium to engage users with an interactive
and immersive experience. Product design involves market and technological research, concept design, multi-dimensional visualizations, prototype development, final product development, and testing as well as post-production refinement. Specialized consultants outside Designodal work on production and installation.


  • Outdoor Structures

  • Event Venue & Stage Design

  • Play Equipment Concepts

  • Site Furniture Design

  • Vision, Branding & Conceptualization

  • Design Guidelines

  • 3 Dimensional Visualization

  • Virtual Reality

  • Animation and Flythrough

  • Media and Lighting Concept

      (Collaborators: Puffcon, Quass Design)

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