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Residential Landscape Design

Nature is but another name for health.
- Henry David Thoreau

We believe in the healing power of gardens and see garden design as a form of art that brings peace and harmony to the user. A well-designed garden can enhance the beauty of the home, neighborhood, community, and life. We like to be good listeners and observers by catering to the specific design needs of all family and community members. We interpret the needs of the user into real space and bring nature to the people.


We craft spaces to tell beautiful and inspiring stories that spark a love for green spaces in the everyday lives of people. Our design process is to meet the needs of the client, embrace the characteristics of the site, and evaluate the available resources to design beautiful gardens. We encourage the use of local materials and indigenous, native, drought-tolerant plants to enhance the biodiversity of the place.


  • Site Analysis & Data Collection

  • Confirmation of Regulatory Codes Ordinances

  • Personalized Program Generation 

  • Site Planning

  • Hardscape / Water Feature Design

  • Planting Design

  • Concept Design, Schematic Design & Design Development

  • Construction Documentation

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