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Virtual Reality + Visualization + Themed Entertainment + Set Design + Event Venue Design + Playgroud Design


“I desire to make dreams, and ideas become a reality. The colorful murals, street art, and art installations inspired me as a child growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I pursued my love for Art by studying Industrial Design and Interior Design. This lead to an opportunity to work as an Art Director designing sets and outdoor games for a major TV network in Brazil. My passion for creative endeavors leads me to travel to the US to study Set and Exhibit Design. I now work in the only industry where anything is possible, the entertainment business, where dreams become reality!”



Estephan is an award-winning Industrial Designer with a post-graduation in Interior Design with specialization in Set and Exhibition design from an esteemed University in Brazil. He worked on the design and production of sets for some of the biggest TV networks in Brazil. Estephan has worked on a wide range of projects internationally winning coveted awards for his design contributions in the entertainment world. He collaborates with highly creative teams to design sporting events, live shows, red carpets, playgrounds, music events, and numerous theme parks, water parks, lands, and attractions. He specializes in designing and visualization using state-of-the-art technology to generate life-like renderings, animations, and virtual reality platforms based on the project narrative and concept. His experience in television set design, production, and trade shows allow him to collaborate with the multi-disciplinary team to bring the concepts to reality.



3 Dimensional Visualization Tools, Virtual Reality, Set Design, Event Venue Design, Music Festival Stage Design, Corporate Exhibition Booths & Stands, POP Displays, Outdoor Structures, Play Equipment, and Site Furniture Design.

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