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+ Architecture

+ Themed Attraction Design

+ Location-Based Entertainment

+ Media Design Integration


"With a grounding in science -Gus aspired at one time to be a 

theoretical physicist- being a generalist and experimentalist by nature, 

his career developed and took shape in a multidisciplinary fashion.

Strong influences in his formative years were: Eastern philosophers, Bucky Fuller, Nikola Tesla, Marshall McLuhan, Eisenstein, Welles, and Kubrick, the great animators at Disney and Warner Brothers, musicians of all stripes, graffiti artists, naive painters, muse talkers, magicians, dreamers, and poets.


This has inspired Gus as a creative director and designer to meet his challenges and responsibilities -guided- by a systematic approach to problem-solving. This process tends to ensure optimal outcomes and measurable results. It’s inherently collaborative and applies across disciplines". 



Studied architecture, design, painting, and sculpture, at USC School of Architecture and Otis College of Art and Design - respectively.  


Gus’ 25+year designer experience is multidisciplinary and encompasses all media. From still imagery to integrated 3D and 4-D environments, the moving image and any medium where conceptual, narrative, storyline, and messaging requirements must be met and delivered. From blue sky ideation and concept development to application and execution across any medium. This includes: multi-platform interactive delivery systems, environmental storytelling, themed retail spaces, venue, and media design integration for the very small, medium, and ultra-large multi-screen. Through his Paint By Numbers Studio, Gus has contributed and collaborated as a creative director - designer in fields ranging from aerospace to fashion, theme parks, themed retail spaces, interactive systems (Ar-Vr), etc.


Gus’ commitment to the community includes more than 20 years as a senior lecturer at Otis College of Art and Design, among other mentoring activities.


Location-based experiences, immersive and experiential environmental storytelling, themed attraction design, themed retail spaces, 3D and 4D venue, and media design integration for the very small, medium, and ultra-large multi-screen, mixed reality games and experiences delivered across multi-channel platforms. 

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