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Industrial Design + Concept Development + Illustration + Advertising + Wearable Technology+ Pleinair


“I have studied a wide variety of disciplines ranging from programming to impressionistic landscape painting, from technical illustration to loose watercolor, from industrial design fabrication techniques to bookbinding and leather craft. My goal is always approach design problems by cross-pollinating my knowledge base; to use inspiration and skills that are not normally relevant to whatever discipline I am practicing, keeping the approach fresh and intriguing.”


John began his career producing technical illustrations for a master planning company. In the process of learning how to illustrate architectural drawings, he took a life drawing class at night and fell in love with drawing people. The passion for illustrating art snowballed into learning about a wide variety of illustration styles and mediums. John progressed into studying a hybrid of Industrial Design and Illustration at ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena. John strives for excellence in his medium and form of work. He has worked extensively designing and illustrating architectural drawings, illustrated children’s books, designed furniture, worked in the fashion industry and illustrated for movie posters and also worked as a sketch artist in advertising. He has conceptualized and illustrated a wide range of projects in the themed entertainment realm where he developed concepts for amusement parks, museums, and observatories. Another medium that interests him is developing prototypes of wearable technology and the UI/UX components that control them. When John is not hard at work, he can typically be found painting pleinair or drawing in the studio.



Industrial Design, Concept Development, Illustrations, Advertising, Fashion, Wearable Technology, Painting - Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic

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