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Design Without Boundaries. A homage to B.V. Doshi

A Bridge Between East and the West - how Le Corbusier, Louis Khan, Walter Gropius, B.V. Doshi, and other modernist architects shaped the Architectural Style of India Post-Independence.

As India celebrates the 74th Republic Day on January 26, 2023, the architectural community mourns the loss of the legend, Pritzker Prize-winning Architect B.V. Doshi, on January 24, at age 95.

"To be modern is not a fashion, it is a state. It is necessary to understand history, and he who understands history knows how to find continuity between that which was, that which is, and that which will be" - Le Corbusier.

After hearing of the demise of B.V. Doshi, I couldn't stop pondering the profound influence the legendary architects have played in shaping a nation and nurturing young minds. As students of Architecture in India, many of us had the privilege of being educated and working with iconic architects. The country's rich cultural history is cross-pollinated with a wave of modernism, creating a unique design style.

Architecture & design are constantly evolving around the world, influenced by history, culture, climate, and the political landscape. The irony of the death of B.V. Doshi two days before Republic Day had me thinking of the lifespan of legendary B.V. Doshi overlaid with a timeline of the Republic of India to understand how history influences design thinking.

Little did we know we were part of the evolving history when we went for site visits as students and ate lunch on a bench designed by Le Corbusier, Louis Khan, B.V. Doshi, or Charles Correa. It took decades to understand that every line we draw on the drawing board (computer) today expresses knowledge passed through generations. I am personally grateful to work with Satish Khanna who was a student of Ian McHarg; and for having the opportunity to work with Moshe Safdie, and Raj Rewal, to name a few, and get my post-graduate degree award by Charles Correa.

"Education is the proper way to promote compassion and tolerance in society."

- Dalai Lama

I share deep gratitude towards the pioneers of design that influenced and shaped who we are today. I hope we strive to embrace history, good or bad and learn to create an inclusive and diverse culture without boundaries.

To learn more about B.V. Doshi visit:

Balkrishna Doshi & Le Corbusier:

Installation view, Balkrishna Doshi: Architecture for the People, 2019 (Photo: Norbert Miguletz © Vitra Design Museum)

Amdavad ni Gufa Image @Laurine Ghinitoin

Amdavad ni Gufa. Photos courtesy of VSF.

Nature, space and building ©Indian Institute of Management – Hidden Architecture

Balkrishna Doshi at his Sangath Studio, Ahmedabad, December 2021. Photo Credit: Vinay Pajwani.

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