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Architecture + Industrial Design + Communication Design + Exhibition Design + Photography + Dog Lover


Walter Gropius’s statement inspires me - “Design will play a key role in deciding how we live, work, and play.” I was able to realize my inspiration by founding a multidisciplinary design firm Bezel Designs and Communication Pvt. Ltd. with an intent to provide design and build services complementing the new generation built environment. My father, who was a driving force of my life, was an Architect, Urban Planner, sculptor, photographer, traveler, and a thinker set foundation to my creative carrier. I established The Mool Foundation as a living tribute to Late Mr. Y. K. Bhatt, bringing together all forms of art under one roof offering a slice of art and design in everybody’s life. I am a passionate Photographer and my passion lies in capturing life moments and stories.



Rajan is an Architect and Industrial Designer with passion for Street Photography and animal activist for street dogs. Founded- Bezel Designs and Communication Pvt. Ltd. (April 2003) and since the beginning, he has been responsible for the design, management, and operations. He manages a multi-faceted team of Designers, Architects and Project Managers, seamlessly integrating the fields of spatial, environmental, and communication design into a meaningful and rewarding experience for its clients, from conception to culmination. He manages The Mool Foundation, provides opportunities to artists to showcase their work, interact with their peers, teach their craft, and draw inspiration from others. The foundation allows people to participate and engage with the evolving world of visual and applied arts. The series of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and panel discussions organized by the Mool foundation hope to create unique opportunities for visitors to view, experience, discuss and interpret innovative as well as historic art & design ideas and practices.



Spatial Design – Corporate and residential interiors Communication Design – Identity, Way-Finding Sign Design, and Infographics Design for Outdoors – Tensile Membrane Structures Exhibition Design - POP Displays, Kiosks, Set Design, Corporate Exhibition Booths & Stands

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