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"Node" Empowering designers to impact the change.


Our Impact

"Designodal would like to catalyze positive social and environmental changes by empowering design professionals to collaborate, participate, and support nonprofits doing sustainable work and infrastructure development for the community."

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

Featured Artists

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@ ginascyu

Gina enters the solitariness of the studio to unearth the truths of her identity through visual explorations and physical journaling through painting.


John derives inspiration in his industrial design aesthetics from his love of sketching and painting nature.

John Enete_001.jpg
4_Zofia_Kostyrko_Boots 2019-06-17.jpg


A multi-form artist creating art installations, illustrations, and art couture inspired by the Polish avant-garde theatre and visual arts.


  • We are designers, and we custom design or print per order. We do not sell directly from the website. Please send us an email with the listed product name and quantity. We will make sure to get back to you with the details.

  • Connect with us if you are a Designer/Artist and would like to be featured or know more about us.

  • Do let us know if you are a Nonprofit and would like us to support your mission and cause.

  • "Node" by Designodal, Inc. supports Nonprofits with the proceeds from the sale of the items. The products are custom designed by the team of designers. Please join us in supporting the cause. 


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