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+ Landscape Designer

+ Project Management
+ Residential Gardens

+ Community Engagement


“I believe in the healing power of gardens. A garden can not only improve your home, your neighborhood but most importantly, your life. The impact of contact with nature is priceless and is a fundamental key to our physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing.  My design approach consists of the use of local materials and indigenous and drought tolerant plants, focusing on the enhancement of biodiversity and the development of a unique space.”



Teresa Cuba was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, where she graduated with honors and received special recognition as a Magna Cum Laude honoree.  For the past 17 years, she has focused on the field of Landscape Architecture, bringing a different perspective about gardens and exterior spaces. She worked as a consultant for major landscape architecture firms in Los Angeles; she has developed a sensitive and intricate view of the importance between our open spaces and our intimate perception and relationship of the built environment. Her focus is the residential context, primordially because she believes in the significance of creating spaces that allow any person to reconnect with nature, restoring the balance of our ever stressful big city environments. She believes in the power of small changes and the immediate impact that nature has to improve our physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.


Landscape Project design and management, development of construction packages. Experience in construction supervision and site maintenance for landscape residential projects.

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